Best Haircut for Balding: 5 Classiest Haircuts for Guys with Thinning Hair in 2018

Ordinarily, no one looks forward to their hair falling out and the chance of eventually being bald. Referred to as alopecia androgenic, it is an autoimmune disease where the immune system of the patient attacks the body. The hair follicles are attacked by the immune system causing the hair to come out, often in clumps.

For most people, going bald often creeps up on them. At 20, life is good,and the head is full of healthy and bouncy hair. For some people,the hair loss begins at 30 while others experience it much later than that.

The American Hair Loss Association estimates that more than 65% of men notice some hair loss by their 35th birthday with a majority of them said to be living in denial. This progression continues until they are 50 and the symptoms are a lot more noticeable.

There are multiple ways to identify balding before it sets in and becomes difficult to handle. Some of them are:

1. Receding hairline: men who suffer from this are very likely to end up with a bald head.

2. Genetics: should your family albums feature men who are spotting one bald spot or the other, chances are you are also going to end up with a bald spot.

3. Increased pillow and shower hair: on average, everyone loses about 100 hairs every morning. An increased amount of hair loss is definitive proof that balding is present in the not too distant future.

4. Crown thinning: this later ends up being referred to as a ‘bald spot.’ A typical sign of baldness, this is one of the more obvious symptoms of balding as it thins the hair in a rounded area while surrounding hair continues with its normal

For many men who live with balding, it is difficult to make the transition from having a full head of hair to having nothing at all. There are several ways to manage a bald spot as well as possibly reverse the hair loss process.

1. Manage your stress level: A very common cause of baldness is a high level of testosterone in the body which could be increased by stress levels. Strive to achieve balance in your life, get regular exercise, maintain a healthy work-life balance and take on yoga, meditation or any other activity that brings calm.

2. Healthy eating: Eat meals that are rich in antioxidants and nutrients are extremely helpful in reducing toxins and radicals that could contribute to oxidative stress in our body.

3. Laser hair growth therapy: These days there are several FDA approved medical devices that use clinical-strength laser technology to treat thinning hair and regrow fuller hair for patients who suffer from balding.

4. Consume DHT blockers: DHT is a major trigger of hair loss. It is produced as a byproduct of testosterone and taking DHT blockers would slow down or completely reverse the hair loss process.

A major cause for concern for a lot of men is choosing a hairstyle that fits their lifestyle and takes their bald head into consideration.

We have compiled a list of the top five classiest hairstyles for men who are bald and looking for a new hairstyle. We also added a few notable mentions should you need extra options to choose from.

Short combover with a side fade

1. Short comb over with a side fade:

For most people, the comb over is one of the easiest hairstyles to get and maintain. Versatile enough to be styled to fit a wide range of personalities, style,and strengths, this haircut is our number one pick for balding men.

The popular version (which is a shorter look) is relatively easy to come by. The sides are faded off while the top part of the hair is shavedto get a clean look then it is swept to one side. Doing this allows the receding hairline to be filled out.

2. Fashionable style for receding hairline:

This is another very popular haircut because of how great it looks. It has achieved its popularity because of the short spikes it features. When brushed forward and styled appropriately, the spikes are not too stiff but still very noticeable. An essential part of mastering this look is by getting and using the right products. Shop for texturizing cream and hairsprays with tight holds.

3. Messy side part:

This hairstyle is a fan favorite amongst men that are looking to get and maintain a youthful and simple look. To achieve this look, a medium length cut with a deep side part, this is complemented by tapered sideburns, then the frontal section of the hair is swept up and away from the face.

4. Balding fade haircut:

This haircut is suitable for balding men who are not conscious of their receding hairline. This hairline does not hide a receding hairline,but it makes up for this with a very flattering cut. As long as your barber can keep the stylish smooth by cutting clean lines at the temple and the beard, you can turn your bald head into a really great hairstyle.

5. High and tight:

This classic military cut is great at covering up thin hair. You don’t have to commit to completely shaving everything off. Plus, you can tie the look together with a scruffy beard that helps to define the jawline. It’s important to emphasize the features you like. 

Notable Mention:

1. Buzzcut:

For the man who is afraid that the reflection of a clean-shaven scalp will scare the ladies away, a buzz cut is a way to go. This short hairstyle will do enough to hide any patchiness,and it is less aggressive than taking off your hair entirely.

2. Skin cut:

This hairstyle is useful for balding men that may have suffered really terrible hair loss.

The right hairstyle can turn your balding hairline into a work of art. Men with balding have been known to suffer from esteem issues due to the rapid change in appearance and sporting a great haircut is a great way to solve that problem.

Laura Day

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