Nizoral Hair Loss Treatment: Can Nizoral Shampoo Prevent Hair Loss?

If you have spent any time researching treatment options to prevent hair loss, then you have probably stumbled across Nizoral shampoo and wondered if shampoo can actually prevent hair loss.

The short answer: Yes. Nizoral shampoo has been shown to prevent hair loss caused by male pattern baldness in a few studies. It can also stimulatethe growth of hair in areas affected by male pattern baldness.

However, a few conditions must be met to prevent hair loss.

This article will explain howit works to prevents hair loss, some of the other effects of the shampoo, what Nizoral shampoo is made from, and if it is the right treatment option for you.

What is Nizoral Shampoo?

Nizoral shampoo is simply the name brand for a shampoo that contains ketoconazole, which is an antifungal medication. Ketoconazole is used to treat a wide range of fungal skin conditions such as ringworm and seborrhea. Itwas originally developed, marketed, and sold to reduce dandruff.

Eventually, people noticed that when they used Nizoral that their hair grew back thicker. This led to men using it to treat the early stages of male pattern baldness.

How Does it Stop Hair Loss?

An antifungal causing hair to regrow might sound strange. You must first understand how male pattern baldness works to really understand how Nizoral shampoo works.

Male pattern baldness occurs in hair follicles that have a sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The DHT will cause these hair follicles to shrink.Shrunken hair follicles will grow thin hair and eventually stop growing hair.This is why bald men will have thinning hair before eventually going bald.

These DHT sensitive hairs are only found on the top of the head, and this is why you do not see male pattern baldness on the side or back of the head. Also, the hair follicles develop a weakness to DHT as time goes on, which is why you do not often see bald men under 18.

Anyway, the most commonmale pattern baldness treatment option, finasteride, prevents the body from producing DHT. No DHT means no hair loss, but it can have some strange side effects.

Nizoral shampoo works a little differently. There is only one study that suggestsketoconazole might slow DHT production, which would prevent hair loss. The other evidence is mostly anecdotal and suggests that it might cause hair to grow.

Keep in mind, the fact that ketoconazole might prevent hair loss is only a hypothesis and still not fully understood. However, hair growth is stillgreat,and that is something that ketoconazole will do for your hair.

Can Nizoral Shampoo Reduce Dandruff?

Can Nizoral Shampoo Reduce Dandruff

Yes. Nizoral shampoo works great for reducing dandruff. In fact, that is the primary purpose of the shampoo. The hair regrowth effects were only noticed after men experimented with trying it as an option.

So, if you notice a large amount of dandruff on your shirt, then you should add ketoconazole shampoo to your hair care regiment.

There is still one major point worth mentioning in regard to dandruff reduction. The shampoo is not effective against all the causes of dandruff,and there are a lot of conditions that can cause dandruff. However, it is still a good over the counter option to use if you notice dandruff.

Some other hair treatment options, such as minoxidil, can cause massive amounts of dandruff for some people. Many hair loss experts suggest using Nizoralwith minoxidil to prevent somedandruff from forming.

Should You Use Nizoral Shampoo?

Yes. You should Nizoral shampoo to prevent hair loss.

Itis often regarded as one of the top three options for hair loss treatment. The other topoptions are finasteride and minoxidil.

As explained earlier, Nizoral makes the list because of the evidencethat suggestsit can cause hair to grow back.Plus, it might prevent you from losing the hair that you currently have. More research still must be conducted to understand the effects of this shampoo on hair loss fully.

Now, an important point to mention is that all the studies conducted involved 2% ketoconazole shampoo. Unfortunately, if you live in the United States, then it requires a prescription. However, 1% ketoconazole shampoo is available over the counter without a prescription.

The 1% will still work for treating hair loss. You would just need to use it a little more frequently than the 2% shampoo. Either way, you should only use the shampoo once or twice per week. If you use it more than that, then you might experiencenegative side effects. Though the more likely scenario is that you won’t notice any differenceand waste your shampoo.

Anyway, this means that you should use Nizoral shampoo to prevent hair loss. However,do not rely on only Nizoral to prevent hair loss. It should be used with all the other options to protect and potentially regrow your hair.

Also, the great thing about this shampoo is that it can reduce dandruff. If you want to regrow hair and treat dandruff, then it really does make a great option.

Can Bald Men Use Nizoral?

No. The hair follicles have already died,and Nizoral will not cause them to grow back. It will only strengthen follicles that already exist. Unfortunately, none of the major treatment options will work for men that have already gone bald.

This means that it is important that you begin the process to prevent hair loss at the first sign of hair loss. Do not wait to lose some of your hair before beginning the process.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Nizoral shampoo does work well for preventing the hair loss process.It helps with growth and possibly delays hair follicles from dying by disrupting the DHT process.

Fighting hair loss is difficult. Using something that might only help a small amount can add years to the amount of time that you have hair.Use Nizoral, minoxidil, and finasteride to maximize the amount of time you have hair.

Laura Day

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